Black Cobble Bar


The Black Cobble Bar is a tavern of poor reputation in the Hive Ward of Sigil. It gets it's name from the rough black cobbles of volcanic stone, reputedly from Gehenna, that were used to patch a section of the street in front of the building. Like many places in the crowded hive district, the bar shares it's side walls with the neighboring buildings. There is a back exit, but because of the construction, it opens onto a different street that does not quickly connect to the front.

Despite being called a bar, the place actually serves food, or something that passes there as. It makes it's money more as a place of under-the-table deals, with several private rooms in the back, and as a convenient stopping point due to the large number of portals located in and around the establishment.


Lefty - Tiefling male. He is the main bartender, though he tends to be gruff and close-mouthed. Understanding that the best money comes from providing a quiet place for clandestine meetings, he does not tolerate open drunkness or troublemakers. His name supposedly comes from the knotted cypress cudgel he keeps behind the bar. When asked about selling the bar, he stated he does not own the bar but refuses to tell who does.
Chell - Human female. An Indep portal hunter and information broker that can usually be found hanging around the bar. She has a fondness for cake.


A door to one of the back rooms in the bar contains a portal that connects to the Mythos family manor. This side of the portal wanders so it is only open some of the time. This is how Megathalin stumbled into the planes.