Brainstorming On Engineering

Engineering covers the magical and mundane tasks of fixing and upgrading the ships physical structure, control systems, life support, and engine.

Arcane Architect
I think I'll build myself a world…
Completing this quest allows a ritual caster to use construction materials as though they were magical component when performing rituals that create or repair physical items. (such as astral ships or castles)

A set of specially built construction tools, which are used as additional foci for the ritual. A set of these tools suitable for carpentry and metalwork costs 1000 gp. Additional tools may be necessary for tasks involving working stone or other materials.

- Dms note- this is a great idea. Yes! We'll cvreate a page that actually has it down there.

Supernal Shipwright
It would take a real wizard to fix this. Fortunately, I am a real wizard.
A character creates a small (table sized, not pocket-sized) replica of a ship and links it sympathetically to the original ship…think voodoo dolls.
The character can now use mending rituals on the model and have them be replicated on the original ship. This allows mending rituals to be twice as effective.

Enchant item?
Just build a small model of the ship?

- DMs note- this is a very cool idea! I want to turn this into a quest and the model (once complete) will be a magical "hologram" type model of the ship. Enchant Item ritual is 175 gp, and then the model will be 1000 gp (the cost of a level 5 item, on par with the 'Captain' quest's Spyglass. In essence you will create an item called a "Ship's Spellglobe"- a unique handheld orb-sized object that (once activated) projects a 3-d representation of the ship and outlines damaged areas as well as a "Marauders Map" capability that identifies living entities on the ship as either named individuals or "unknown" (and can show them moving about on the model as glowing points of light). And it can do the mending ritualx2 trick as well.

- DD - The one thing I would suggest is allow the enchanter to repair, but not upgrade the ship unless they are at a significant port or some other location where special materials are available. Keeping this requirement in place means that locations like shipyards are still viable and that you can use special upgrades as plot drivers/quests.

- PS - that's definitely a good call…

-aja-Well, combined with Arcane Architect, I'd like to suggest you could be independent of a shipyard…in this case, you'd just need the appropriate special construction materials to substitute for residuum.

-PS this is a likely suggestion, and you should definitely - in an emergency- be able to get repaired enough to move. But I want to keep major upgrades to shipyards just because it ties a place to a situation. The shipyard (or major port/repair facility or whatever it is) is a great place for interesting things to happen, so you don't want to be completely free of them, because then you miss the interesting things.

Remote Operation
As above, so below: Genfinn's High Laws of Magick
As below, so above: Engineer's Corollary

With additional refinements to the model, an attuned character can control all functions of the ship from their model: opening and closing doors, turning lights on and off, dropping anchors, porting the helm…
Any skill checks are made at a penalty of -2 (or -4?)

This is a good suggestion, but I worry maybe we're getting too far ahead- let's make the model first. In general- I think we should definitely do this, though. -PS