Brainstorming On The Ship Combat System

Note: This page is a Brainstorm page. As such, it does not represent a final way of doing things, but it's a place to come up with suggestions or comments or things you'd like to see, as my example show. I want to use ideas from this brainstorm to craft some upcoming pieces of our campaign. Tell us what you would like to see, or your ideas.. Please sign your comments!

Brainstorming on Engineering —Advise if this is inappropriate aja

Brainstorms Below!

I want the ability to zoom in and out of the battle, just like it was a sci-fi show on TV- sometimes you zoom out— and see the ships chasing each other and maneuvering and shooting at each other, and sometimes you zoom in and see the crew desperately piloting or fixing or navigating or diverting power to the shields or whatever. It can't all be one or the other. — Peter

I also want this system to involve each player just like a regular combat does: it can't all be the pilots job or the gunners job. There must be a tactical task for each PC in initiative order.. or should be. — Peter

One thing that I thought would be interesting is to detail how the engines worked so that during a battle, it would be important to keep the gloomrock reactor stoked and as close as possible to full efficiency. During a combat, it would be assumed that the engine would be stressed to the max, so that the pilot could not be at 100% maneuverability unless the engine was at 100% efficiency. — Peter

Not a math system, maybe something with colored glass counters. The ship would have an efficiency rating in glass counters. Each turn during a round the PCs would make a skill check to try and divert as many beads to their effort (maneuver, speed, repair, weapons, aegis). This way there is either (haven't decided) a set number of counters that can be in either X or Y..(ie- you can have a 7 in speed and a 3 in maneuver, or vice versa) or the counters are redundant- so like if the pilot can get a perfect 10 on his turn, and the engineer can get a perfect 10 on his turn…it's operating at full efficiency. — Peter

The checks would be standard D20 skill checks as we know and love them. — Peter

The original (not revised) Star Wars d20 game had ship to ship combat that was abstract (not tactical- no map) but kinda interesting. — Peter

Eventually I foresee the ship getting cannons or other weaponry (probably light weaponry). Eventually the group may move to a larger or different ship. — Peter

Everybody should be able to do something…without special training. Even new characters should be able to have a role in ship combat. Maybe there isn't a ship's "gunner": everybody can fire a star ballista or aetherial onager. Becoming the ships gunner might mean taking a weapons proficiency…and then you can use your missile weapon attacks with the star ballista. (The cinematics of a ranger using Twin Shot with a star ballista are confusing, but might work.)

Have multiple kinds of weapons/defenses that operate differently… Some weapons require dexterity/Thievery to operate, others require Intelligence/Arcana, others Wisdom/Perception. — Kenny