Campaign Quests

We can't always count on the same group (or the same mix of the group) to play in any given group.

  • The Forgotten Few:
    • Discover what was forgotten : 150 XP divided
    • What is the Time Vortex Fueling? 120 XP divided
  • The Decanted
    • Whats with the Rogue Modrons?: 100 xp divided
    • Godsmen in Mechanus 60 xp divided
  • Fugitives of the Void
    • Fully Repair the Ship 140 xp divided
    • Establish Secret Base 210 XP divided
  • Everyone:
    • The Black Crystal Rod (10 parts): 50xp x piece number. (so the first piece is worth 50 xp, the 2nd piece is worth 100 xp, the third piece is worth 150xp, etc): 2 Parts found. Next Part is worth 150xp

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