Captain Phrenix


Race: Tiefling
Class: Bard (Skald Build)
Level: 4
Theme: Outlaw
Background: Brother in Battle
Trained Skills: Arcana, Bluff, History,



Phrenix Establish legal ownership and title of "Captain" for the ship under it's new name (TBD) 100 xp (must have a majority vote on the new name) Done
Phrenix Determine what I initially sought to steal from the Abyss 75 xp (this quest can be shared with fellow amnesia sufferers for full XP as well)
Phrenix Return to the Abyss to steal the sought item (if still desired after determining what it is) 1,000 XP, individual award, and can be shared with ANY campaign members
Phrenix Come Sail Away 125 XP Done 4/4, spyglass
Phrenix Flight of the Navigator 100 XP Done 3/3
Phrenix PaRtY Animal! 100 XP Done 500/500xp converted
Phrenix EPIC PaRtY Animal! - 600/5000xp converted
Phrenix Take #37 as a Psionic Familiar normal Talking Skull familiar abilities? something custom DM made? 50xp, requires feat
Phrenix Transformation/Ascension to Elan ? Must Research methods, gain trust and acceptance of group to do ritual before able to take feat


Main Hand: Harsh Songblade +1 (LVL 3)
Off Hand:
Armor: Deathcut Armor +1 (LVL 5)
Neck: Deep-Pocket Cloak +2 (LVL 7)
Head: Eyes of Charming (LVL6 Rare)
Hands: Strikebacks (LVL 10)
Arms: Bracers of Mighty Striking (LVL 2) OWNED!
Waist: Belt of Sacrifice (LVL 7)
Feet: Boots of the Fencing Master (LVL 7)
Tattoo: Backlash Tattoo (LVL 9)
Ring 1: Ring of Fury (LVL 14)
Ring 2:
Wondrous Items: