Carousing Rules

At any port of call, any player may spend up to 50gp per level to engage in carousing. This means you are spending the entire day engaged in wine, wenches (male or female, haha), massages, and other intoxicants and pleasures.

At the end of the carousing your character ends up with a hangover and all gold spent is converted into an XP bonus on a 1:1 basis. This bonus can only be gained once per adventure, no matter how many ports of call are visited.

Downside: On the first day after carousing, all skill checks are at -2, and attack rolls are at -1.

There are two quests:

Party Animal: Once a character has achieved 500 XP through carousing alone, he gets the title "Party Animal". He can consider himself trained in streetwise if he was not already trained, or receive a +2 in Streetwise if he is. Once per adventure he can invent a contact in any port of a call as a former drinking buddy. If you wish to take this quest, please note it on your Individual Quest page. This is worth 100xp, (this XP counts towards 'Epic Party Animal', see below).

Epic Party Animal: Once a character has amassed 5,000 xp through carousing alone, he receives the title 'epic party animal'. He is no longer affected by hangover affects, and receives a+6 to all Streetwise checks made in a city with a port, and is able to get into even the most exclusive parties and soirees across the planes on reputation alone.