Character Guidelines

In general, if you have an idea for a character, let me know, and maybe we can come up with a background story.

It seems incongruous, but I am limiting the "approved races and classes" to a selection:

Approved Races Approved Classes
human, deva, dwarf, eladrin, half-elf, tiefling, genasi, goblin, githzerai, bladeling *all except primal*

At a minimum you should know:

  • The characters name
  • A few details about the characters upbringing
  • A significant memory that the character possesses. Could be recent or long ago, happy or sad.. or anything else, but must be significant.


  • Must make sense in the context of the background we develop
  • All of the Scales of War and general backgrounds are valid!
  • None of the Forgotten Realms 'region-specific' or Dark Sun backgrounds are valid.