Character Registry
Player Character Name Race Class and Level Descriptive Tag
Matt Hudson Captain Phrenix Tiefling Bard (4) Fractured/Split mind, Outlaw contacts in Bard's memories, on the run from Agents of Orcus
Kenny Thierer Sirdaan Eladrin Psion (3) Seer, haunted by the Shadowfell. Bit of a Nihilist.
David Diddlemeyer Megathalin Mythos Ravermos Human Hexblade (4) Failed star-pact warlock.
Andrew Anderson Zhen Tuo Deva Swordmage (3) Assistant Undersecretary, Office of Greater Ethereal Spirits, Department of Deceasment, Investigations Bureau
Chris Coulter Karrin Human Swordmage (1) Daughter of a noble House
Chad Doyle Arannis Eladrin Assassain (3) Silent Hunter, Mercenary. Does anything for a quick bit of gold, always wears a hooded cloak to hide his features
Noah Seckler Mervyx Human Warlock (1) Shady Star Pact outlaw wanted throughout several planes
Sloan Drafton-Desouza Mendel "Klex" Benador Human Wizard (3) Thayan-origined Wizard of "Red Wizard" nobility with an IQ that equals his pretentious attitude.
Jason Bradley Cathceannaire Eladrin Paladin (3) Formerly assigned to protect a faraway island, whisked away by a mysterious flying ship.