Higher Calling

Similar to the Carousing Rules, certain characters that value learning and study (or faith) can spend their time studying and contemplating instead of indulging the flesh.

At any port of call, any player may spend up to 50gp per level to engage in study and contemplation- this could be religious or arcane in nature, or could be completely scholarly. This means you are spending the entire day engaged in visiting local libraries, universities, colleges, temples, retreats, visiting museums, or otherwise engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.

At the end of the retreat your character ends up slightly introverted and all gold spent is converted into an XP bonus on a 1:1 basis. This bonus can only be gained once per adventure, no matter how many ports of call are visited. Note that this pursuit is mutually exclusive with Carousing- you can either do Carousing or Higher calling, at any port of call…but not both.

Downside: On the first day after higher calling, all social skill checks (bluff, intimidate, diplomacy) that take place outside of an academic environment are at -2.

There are two quests: If you are taking a quest, make sure it is on the individual quests page where it can be tracked!

Bookworm: Once a character has achieved 500 XP through Higher Calling alone, he gets the title "Bookworm". He can consider himself trained in (players choice) either History, Arcana, or Religion if he was not already trained, or receive a +2 in one of those skills if he is. Once per adventure he can invent a contact in any port of a call as a fellow academic. If you wish to take this quest, please note it on your Individual Quest page. This is worth 100xp, (this XP counts towards 'Scholar of Record', see below).

Scholar of Record: Once a character has achieved Bookworm status, he can start writing about topics of interest and publishing books during his time pursuiing higher education. For every 1000 xp amassed through Higher Calling alone, he can publish a book, treatise, tome, or other work. The book must have both a title and a subject (Such as 'Marolowyse's Annotated Record of Planar Anomalies' - subject: planar portals). For each book written, the PC receives a one-time reward of 1000 gold, and a +1 (non-cumulative) learning bonus when specifically dealing with the subject of the book he or she authored. Other NPCs and insititutions may seek this PC for consultation or advice. This quest may be taken multiple times. Note that the learning bonus is a typed bonus, so even if you write three books on the same subject, you can't combine the bonus.