Individual Quests

Place your individual quests here and the DM will assign an XP value. You are really better off tracking your own individual quests, bringing them up- proactive players get to guide some of the action of the campaign. Think about it!

Hint: YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN QUESTS. DM will assign XP values. So if you come up with a dumb one, I will just assign a non reward. Come up with a cool quest and I will assign a decent reward.. and you will influence the campaign! If you are at a loss for ideas, feel free to email and we can brainstorm up some ideas.

Character Quest XP/Rewards Status
Atheltine Come Sail Away 125 XP 3/4
Sirdaan Come Sail Away 125 XP 4/4 (still need own spyglass)
Sirdaan Flight of the Navigator 100 XP 2/3
Sirdaan Duel with Zorai U'lun 100 XP Done
Sirdaan Establish Official Trading Company associated with the ship and crew * * * *
Sirdaan Become recognized across the planes as a Merchant Prince * * * *
Sirdaan Drive Farwander Trading Company out of business or take them over 400xp
Sirdaan Resurrect Corky the Helpful Halfling 100 XP
Sirdaan Hunt down and destroy the Vampire who attacked me (I should know the name) 125 xp (must learn the vampires name first- worth 25 xp)
Sirdaan Party Animal 100 xp 150 XP converted
Sirdaan Bookworm Book Published 300 XP converted
Sirdaan Learn the name of the vampire - Surina LeSangre 25xp Done
Phrenix Establish legal ownership and title of "Captain" for the ship under it's new name (TBD) 100 xp (must have a majority vote on the new name) Done
Phrenix Determine what I initially sought to steal from the Abyss 75 xp (this quest can be shared with fellow amnesia sufferers for full XP as well)
Phrenix Return to the Abyss to steal the sought item (if still desired after determining what it is) 1,000 XP, individual award, and can be shared with ANY campaign members
Phrenix Come Sail Away 125 XP Done 4/4, spyglass
Phrenix Flight of the Navigator 100 XP Done 3/3
Phrenix PaRtY Animal! 100 XP Done 500/500xp converted
Phrenix EPIC PaRtY Animal! - 600/5000xp converted
Phrenix Take #37 as a Psionic Familiar normal Talking Skull familiar abilities? something custom DM made? 50xp, requires feat
Phrenix Transformation/Ascension to Elan ? Must Research methods, gain trust and acceptance of group to do ritual before able to take feat
Megathalin Come Sail Away 125 XP 2/4
Megathalin Flight of the Navigator 100 XP 3/3 Done
Megathalin Navigation: It Gets Better 75 XP 0/1 Astrolabe
1/1 Charts
0/4 Standard Keys
Megathalin Bookworm 100 XP 200/500gp
Megathalin Party Animal 100 XP 0/500gp
Megathalin Secret of the Ancient Monk 65 XP
Megathalin Find a weapon potent enough to secure of the family's barony from the Pontifex's armies 300xp (minimum 7th level to unlock)
Karrin Forged Blade: To gather the material and make the one true sword for Karrin 120 xp
Karrin House Forgotten: Discover the Destiny Brandis spoke about 300xp (minimum 7th level to unlock)
Zhen Tuo Personally Investigate Orcus' death 200 xp Must conduct investigations at 1. The Celestial Ministry (Outlands), 2. The Abyssal town of Plague Mort (Outlands), and 3. Letherna, Realm of the Raven Queen (located in Hades)
Zhen Tuo Recover his signature sword from a past incarnation "White Warding Wing of the Celestial Crane" 200xp (sword was last located on a prime world called Songhai)
Zhen Tuo Become properly attested Bookworm X Convert 50 gp (x2)
Arannis Move up from Operative to Associate in The Brotherhood of The Poison Wind 125 Xp 1/5 missions
Arannis PaRtY Animal! 100 XP 200gp converted
Arannis EPIC PaRtY Animal! - 200gp converted
Mendal Bookworm 250 XP Gold Conversion
Mendal Collecting necrotic spell components. 45 XP (must be done at midnight and in secret) DONE
Mendal Investigate Thay 200 xp Must conduct investigations in 1. Sigil , 2. The Abyssal town of Plague Mort (Outlands), and 3.Elemental Plane of Fire, Court of Kossuth
Mendal Conduct research on several specimens to further his studies. 600 xp Requirements: You will need 13 corpses, none of which have been damaged significantly. Must study physiology, bone and muscle structure, nerves and blood systems, psychology, and life force (in that order, requires two corpses each). 13th corpse must be animated successfully as a servant.
Mendal Creating a "Staff of the Lich". Requirements: (This quest will extend to level 13 to meet the requirements)

Note: Nearly every quest can be shared. Just ask. Sharing a quest makes it more likely to accomplish since you can direct more people to help.