Race: Human
Class: Sword Mage
Level: 1
Background: Orphan
Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Arcana, Athletics, Endurance and Streetwise


Karrin is roughly 5’6”, 125lbs and 23 seasons old. Her eyes and hair are brown. She has several tattoos on her body. Two dragons grace her stomach, while a third is on her left arm. Her face carries two tattoos around her eyes and one star shaped centered on her forehead. These tattoos have been with her since birth.

She has learned the dance of the Swordmage. She carries with her a sword her master gave her. The phrases “Shall we dance?”or “Let the dance begin!” have been the last words many of foes have heard.


Karrin grew up in an orphanage in Neverwitner. Not knowing her mother or father. She was never noted for a physical presence. But her eyes shone with an intellect and a thirst for knowledge. Her schools were the streets of Neverwinter. And Neverwinter never had such an apt student.

Karrin learned the rhyme and flows of the streets. With a glance she could tell you where the pickpockets were working, which house was selling things, and who bore watching. She was welcome sight in all districts, doing errand for nobles, merchants and thieves alike. A visiting elf once remarks, “Karrin is graceful as a deer, fast as hunting cat and as smart as a ferret.”

The Spell plague struck…and Neverwinter was torn asunder. Lost were many noble houses and the crown. The streets became dangerous, dark and evil things prowled in the shadows. Karrin accepted the challenge the Spell plague casted her as guardian.

One day in a small market close to the docks. Several Spell plague changed creatures emerged from the sewers. Killing and slaughtering everything in their way. Karrin grabbed a fallen staff from the ground and attacked. But, she was quickly over matched and was forced to give ground. But she was occupying the attention of three of the beasts.

Her staff was broken by a heavy blow from one of the lesser creatures. She glanced around quickly and desperately. She noticed and old rusted sword which had fallen from one of the stands. So close, yet so far away. As the creatures approached her, she looked at the sword and willed it to her hands knowing she was going to die.

There was flash of light and a feeling of cold metal in her hands. She looked in wonder at the rusted sword. She attacked immediately, swinging the sword at all three of the lesser creatures as they closed. A moment later, three creatures lay dead as if the sword had attacked them all. She stood, pointed a finger at the biggest creature and cried a challenge.

The beast responded and drove straight toward Karrin. She met the creature halfway. Karrin was terribly outmatched. In her mind she knew this, but it did not matter. If the creature was concerned with her, others would live. The beast broke her sword, but was in turn slain by a human with a sword. The human bent down and smile at her and said, “Your destiny lays elsewhere noble child. I will teach you the dance of the Swordmage.” Brandis was his name and he taught her for 7 summers. On the final days of her lessons, he handed her his sword with these words. “Dance Strong, Dance Proud, but most of all…Dance well”

She volunteered for expeditions into the sewers of Neverwinter. Her last foray into the sewers, her party was ambushed and scattered by ghouls. The ghoul’s eyes gleam with anticipation at the meal. But the gleam was match by the cold light dripping from her blade. As the ghoul’s advanced, Karrin noticed a strange shape forming in the stomach of the closest ghoul. The shape grew into a mouth, which seem to engulf her.

She awoke in Sigil…..


Karrin believes it is her responsibility to protect everyone in her party. She loves to read and practice with her sword. She is from the prime material world, and is still in awe of Sigil.

Major NPC:

Brandis is Swordmage, once a guardian to one of the fallen noble houses during the spell plague. He is 60 seasons old and is rumored to be the famed “Ice Blade” of house Coulter, also known as the House of the Star Dragon.


Main Hand: The One sword. See Main quest line
Off Hand: None
Armor: Sylvan Armor
Neck: Stormwalker Cloak
Head: Crown of Command
Arms: Gauntlets of Destruction
Feet: Elven Boots
Tattoo: Already have
Wondrous Items: Rope of Climbing