Magic Item Policy

Magic Items are available in the wondrous bazaars of Sigil ..and elsewhere in Planescape..! However, you can't always get exactly what you are looking for. You can always shop for a certain item, and hunt for clues to track down where it might be sold.. perhaps even commission such a thing. But the one thing you can't do at any point is simply go through the builder and pick off of a list.

Be proactive and inform the DM if you are searching for any kind of magic item (or looking to sell one!) The acquisition and liquidation of magic items are adventures in themselves.

Most importantly- the Loot Report lists how much treasure and XP was gained on each adventure, as well as a treasure store: Unclaimed items can either be claimed by individuals (you can't claim if you don't register) or liquidated. Note that you do not have to be present at an adventure to claim an item as they will be considered held centrally. However, this is totally contingent on people not being greedy. If there are complaints we will change the policy. Unclaimed items are liquidated and converted to extra gold for participants of the adventure on which the treasure was gained.