Megathalin Mythos Ravermos
Megathalin in her lavender dueling suit.

Character Mechanics

Race: Human
Class: Hexblade
Level: 4
Theme: Seer
Background: Martial - Disenchanted
Trained Skills: Arcana, Bluff, History, Insight, Religion


Megathalin is a moderately tall, thin woman with her hair cut into a short black flip. Her right eye is a light grey and the left one has been replaced with a orb of red glass that has been locked in place with an iron bracket that wraps around the eye socket. She wears a beige or lavender dueling outfits, reminiscent of the Italian renaissance, reinforced with a breastplate and leggings of boiled leather.

Although she can summon and dismiss her starshadow blade, she generally keeps it summoned and sheathed in a normal leather scabbard on her right hip. Her rod is usually tucked through her belt just above the blade. The rod itself is an unusual design of polished walnut and hollow steel, ornamented with steel relief and flint.


Megathalin Mythos Ravermos is the only child of the Mythos family, a branch family of the Ravermos trade barony. Unlike most of the other major trade families, the Ravermos have made their fortune mostly using legitimate trade supplemented with a family gift for divination magics. Although nominal power rests with the patriarch of the main family, it is an open secret that final authority is reserved for the lich of one of the family founders, referred to only as Grandfather.

Since Megathalin showed a deeper talent for magic than most of the family, on her seventeenth birthday, she was summoned to be judged by Grandfather. Standing at stiff attention as her parents instructed her, she allowed for no mistakes in her interview. Her father had left no doubt that if she did not fail, she would be the means by which he would surpass the main family and ensure the ascendancy of his line. Evidently, Grandfather was satisfied with her answers and what he saw in her. He offered her the chance to study as his apprentice and perform the ritual that would bind her to the old one of the black sun, the Sleeping Beast.

After two years of training to prepare for the ritual, Grandfather informed her she was finally ready. The ritual was a strenuous affair involving the plucking out her own eye as a sacrifice to scry on the world of the burned out sun where the Beast lies bound. She managed to successful complete the ritual and found her astral-self wandering among the ruins of the frozen world. However the secrets of the world proved to be too much for her. Her mind was too receptive to their magics and began to be entrapped the accumulated resentment and pride that was woven into the spells that bound the inhabitants of that world into the dreams of the Sleeping Beast in an attempt to defy their fate.

Fortunately for her, Grandfather realized what was happening and managed to siphon the link that flowed back along the astral cord and contain it in the form blade of solid darkness. However, the process stripped most of Megathalin's magical gifts and locked them in the blade as well. Since her magical gifts would likely never recover, he consigned her to back to her family for care as her body recovered.

Her parents were barely able to control their disappointment and basically abandoned her to the care of the household servants. Once she was strong enough, she took to stalking the corridors of the house at night. One night she stepped through a doorway and found herself someplace she had never seen. She attempted to back through the portal, but she lacked the key for the return. She was stranded in Sigil.


Megathalin has yet to fully recover her confidence after the last few ordeals of losing most of her powers and getting lost in a foreign plane.


Grandfather - The real power behind the family is aware of the planes, and even has a means of accessing them, but has had to put off his desire for exploration until he trains a replacement for the family. After the attempt to train Megathalin as his protege, he has had little contact with his descendant. It is unlikely that he is aware that she is stranded in Sigil.


To be completed.

Portals Known

Romagna, Earth <-> Sigil. The key for this portal is the 5 of cups from a standard tarrock deck. The portal wanders on the Sigil side, but is permanently anchored in the upper level of the Mythos family manor.


Megathalin is originally from a prime material world that, like many, is called Earth. More specifically, she is from a subtropic coastal region called Romagna. Romagna has never been unified in the past, and was traditionally under the control of warlords until the rise of the merchant princes. More recently however, more and more of the region has been coming under the control of the Pontifex of Pholtus. Since the talent for arcane magic is rare in the region, the clerics of Pholtus have been able to marshal large advantages in combat that are only partially countered by the trade princes' experimentations in blasting powder and alchemy.

Sought Items

Main Hand:
Off Hand: Rod of Deadly Casting or Rod of Elemental Shielding
Neck: Sustaining Cloak
Head: Gem of Colloquy or Philosopher's Crown
Hands: Wrestler's Gloves
Wondrous Items: Bag of Holding or Floating Lantern

Image and miniature are from Rhainie (03311) by Reaper Miniatures.