Mendel "Klex" Benador


Race: Human
Class: Wizard (Necromancer)
Level: 3
Theme: Renegade Red Wizard (Neverwinter Campaign Setting)
Background: Arcane Student Who Saw Too Much (Dragon Magazine #366)
Trained Skills: Arcana, History, Religion, Dungeoneering, Insight


Mendel "Klex" Benador was born in the Forgotten Realms on the planet Fer√Ľn. Klex came from the notorious yet highly populated nation of Thay (Sunrise Mountains). Klex grew up under a stern disciplined father named Grenador Benador — a professional slaver in Thay which was thought to oversee over 2,000 slaves for the nation's capital, Thay Mount. Klex was introduced to the school of wizardry at a young age, graduating with honors at the age of 16 under Thay Mount's prestigious School of Necromancy. Klex said to have problems throughout his childhood though as a student. While in school, with some investigation, Klex figured out that his father paid the Professor of the school to perform rigorous spell practices on Klex to help him excel farther than his fellow students. Klex would only fall victim to several attacks made by the professor, paralyzing him with enfeebling concoctions of spells to toughening his spell endurance, teaching him that "life isn't always about figuring out your strengths as a wizard, only being close to death's embrace is life's true fulfillment". When Klex approached his father about this incident, his father's only reaction was: "It was my help that you succeeded in what you are today! In the future, when you surpass the each Red Wizard, I want you to repay me… With each of the Zulkurs' heads!"

Three years has past after Klex's graduation — he was set forth to repay his father's debt to become more powerful than the others. After many hours of Mage Duels with old collegues from his school, Klex decided to go to a local brothel to unwind and spend his winnings. While laying in a tub, there was a darkness that filled the room around him. Suddenly the two courtesans that were laying next to him wither to cold lifeless bodies! Before Klex could determine the origin he heard a voice: "You? A challange to me? Ha! You have a lot to learn boy, and learn you shall!". After the voice finished, Klex felt a coldness around him and fell asleep instantly.

Suddenly, Klex was awoken by several traveling adventurers on a strange planeshifting ship, knowing now that he has been in a cold magical slumber for an unknown amount of time on the outskirts of the material plane. Klex accepted the companionship of the party and has vowed to join them on their quests, but to only for his own true endeavors of power. But, what happened to him? Who was it that did this to him? Why was he placed here? Klex will just have to find out for himself!


Progressive Quest: Bookworm 250 xp Gold Conversion
Minor: Collecting necrotic spell components. 45 XP (must be done at midnight and in secret) DONE
Conduct research on several specimens to further his studies. 600 xp Requirements: You will need 13 corpses, none of which have been damaged significantly. Must study physiology, bone and muscle structure, nerves and blood systems, psychology, and life force (in that order, requires two corpses each). 13th corpse must be animated successfully as a servant; Currently Pursuing.
Main Quest: "Investigate Thay" 200 xp Must conduct investigations in 1. Sigil , 2. The Abyssal town of Plague Mort (Outlands), and 3.Elemental Plane of Fire, Court of Kossuth; Currently Pursuing.


Main Hand:
Off Hand:
Wondrous Items: Bag of Holding (Level 1), Shroud of Protection (Level 2)
Rituals: Ritual of Lich Transformation (Level 14 Required)