Npc Catalog

DM's Note: Feel free to update this list with "your" NPCs as well as general NPCs you remember from an adventure that you may want to ucontact later. Remeber: every NPC represents a potential untapped resource. If you remember, great. If you can list it here- even better! We are building something huge and complex here, so don't rely on the DM to remember everything for you..

Name Location Descriptive Tag Associated PC Relationship
Pixis Elemental Plane of Air, The Fey Court (Beastlands, Arborea, Ysgard) Cute, Hedonistic Sylph, attendant to Titania Sirdaan Romantic
Father Dikaios Elemental Plane of Air Local Cleric of Zeus Atheltine Trust
Archpriest Theseus Elemental Plane of Air, Mount Celestia Elderly Archpriest of Zeus Atheltine Trust
Captain Gorn The Planes Planar Tradeship Captain (of the 'Firestar') Phrenix acquaintance
Mister Hammerhorn The Planes Navigator of the Firestar, friend of Gorn Phrenix Resentment
Zorai U'lun The Planes Githzerai Duelist, representive of the Farwander Gith Trade Collective Sirdaan, Arannis, Megathalin Enmity towards Sirdaan and Arannis, Interest in Megathalin
Othos Mount Celestia, Elemental Plane of Air half-cyclops weapons & armor craftsman Atheltine Interest
Korgoa Mount Celestia, Forge of Hephaestus cyclops expert on wondrous items Atheltine Referral
Maskaril Elemental Plane of Air Premiere fashion designer and mogul, possible source for magical cloth armor Arannis Interest
Cheri and Bambi Elemental Plane of Air genasi entertainers. Ahem. Lovely girls. Phrenix Affiliation
Queen Titania The Fey Court (Beastlands, Arborea, Ysgard) Demigoddess of the Fey "The Party" Interest
Queen Imphyrys Elemental Plane of Air Elemental Queen of Emphyrea, Sultana of the Imperial Djinn Sultanate "The Party" Interest

Trading Companies are a separate List

Name Locations Known (Outlet Offices) Descriptive Tag Relationship Notes
Erdowan Trade E-P of Air General Goods, some exotics none (yet) Genasi, part of the Imperial Djinn Sultanate
Deeprock Mining E-P of Earth, P-P of Mineral, Prime, Outlands, Mount Celestia Minerals fair Dwarven-Run
Farwander Gith Trade Collective Limbo, E-P of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, Sigil, Outlands Exotics hostile Githzerai

This is the system for rep with trade companies: Note that this is all dependent on market conditions, so you could have an excellent reputation with a trding company and still receive no contracts, based entirely on the DMs whim.

None: possibly one contract for 1d10 units, requires an impressive pitch
Fair: possibly one contract for 2d6 units
Good: possibly 1d3 contracts simultaneously for 2d8 units total
Excellent: possibly 1d3+2 contracts simultaneously for 4d6 units total.
Stellar: possibly 1d6+2 contracts simultaneously for 6d6 units total.
Excellent: possibly 1d8+2 contracts simultaneously for 6d8 units total.

In Addition:

Hostile: no contracts possible, and you find yourselves being intentionally 'cut out' of deals. Tradeships affiliated with or flying the flag of a hostile trading company may intentionally try to attack your ship for reasons of commerce or aggression.

Because of the threat of piracy, disaster, and the uncertainty of the planes, trading companies will rarely put all of their business behind a single carrier.