Paraelemental Plane Of Vacuum

An empty void between the Elemental Plane of Air and the Negative Energy Plane

Quote: "This is truly the plane of nothing- it leaves the realm of Air further and further behind until it starts to approach the Negative poles.. but it isn't empty, no. You see blasted chunks of elemental rock here and there- perhaps miles apart.. and this is one of the best sources for Gloomrock, I recall. There is also the occasional bubble of gas or air.. but exceedingly rare. What this plane is really known, for, however, is the Void- the yawning vortex where all of the nothingness goes. It is only visible from deep within the plane as you get closer and closer to the Negative Energy poles. Some seek out the Void to find enlightenment..others discover nothing but madness and despair.

Environmental Effects: Airless. Constant cold/necrotic damage of 5.

Known Locations and Realms:

  • Zek'Silura, Githzerai outpost and fueling station near the void
  • Exhalus, Large rocky biome that hangs motionless at the very edge of the planar boundary between Vacuum and the Negative Energy Plane. Tethering Point for Citadel Exhalus (which technically floats in the Negative Energy Plane.)
  • Aether's Gate - Floating gate town and port between the Ethereal Plane and the Plane of Vacuum.