Participation Policy

All welcome! Seriously, even if you don't know any of the other participants. Feel free to introduce yourself. Email the DM, or sign up. But email is better because I can work with you to integrate a character in a campaign.

However, you must abide by certain things:

1. Please sign up at to reserve your spot!

2. If you provide the dm (ten.reven-eht|retep#ten.reven-eht|retep) with a current email address you might be notified of other games that I am running. Both Planescape and otherwise.

3. Signups closeout at 6 players. It is DMs discretion whether to open it up to more (more players goes slower). I don't believe in closed groups for D&D—I'll try to open games up to as wide an audience as possible. But not every player can be in every game.

4. Please abide by the character-guidelines as far as race/class background, and character level. We are tracking XP, but as as the campaign character level bumps up, you may be allowed to bump up your character level.

5. The campaign is not linear! So that means you don't have to play in every scheduled session. Don't feel obligated. It's a good idea to try new things out, or consider DMing stuff yourself.