Planejamming Skills

There is no set skill for Planejamming other than the Arcane skill required to manipulate the Ship's Helm.

However, any character of any background can learn to do pilot.

Come Sail Away (quest)
If you choose to take on this quest, please note it on your Individual Quests page. Planejamming requires a standard DC 15 intelligence or wisdom check. If you wish to learn to pilot, you must notify the DM you are taking on this quest. During any adventure, you must spend some time working with the helm, and then at the end of the adventure, make a standard DC 15 intelligence or wisdom check. You can only do this once per adventure. Once you have accumulated 4 successful checks, you are considered to be trained in Arcana for making spelljamming checks only, and receive a quest award of 125 xp.

Additional Requirements: Character must personally own a Spyglass: (1000 gp)

Note that experienced pilots (those trained in Arcana skills) can take this quest as well, and receive a +2 expertise bonus to Spelljamming checks.

Flight of the Navigator (quest)
If you choose to take on this quest, please note it on your Individual Quests page. Navigation is it's own challenge, independent of piloting. If you wish to learn to become a navigator, you must notify the DM you are taking this quest. During any adventure, (once per adventure) you can practice plotting routes and using the ships equipment to locate planar gateways, trade-towns, and other points of interest. At some point during the adventure, you can make a DC 15 History check (trained or untrained) to study the history books, maps and instruments. After three successful checks (across a span of as many adventures- so three adventures), you are qualified as a Navigator. At that point, your character may make standard "skilled" navigation checks with no bonus. You receive a quest award of 100xp.

Navigation: It Gets Better (quest)
Prerequisite: Once you have fulfilled Flight of the Navigator, above, you can try to improve even further. your character invests in a Planar Astrolabe, a collection of charts books and maps, and has a collection of standard Portal Keys (at least 4 specific keys or one of the sets), you may make Planar navigation checks at +4. You receive a quest award of 75 xp.

  • Planar Astrolabe: (300 gp)
  • Charts Books and Maps: You must maintain a constantly growing collection: spend 30 gp per month of gametime, and you are considered to be shopping at each port city you visit.
  • Standard Portal Keys: These are sold in Sigil and at large trade centers. They allow the operation of major shipping portals that traverse and link the planes. Qualification as a Navigator requires a personal collection of 4 keys. See below.

Note: If you stop spending 30 gp per month of gametime or have no access to charts, books, maps, or other equipment, your +4 bonus goes away.

So You Need to Buy Keys, Huh?
Planar Keys are available for purchase in major trade centers, and every once in a while used keys are sold by individual captains and arcanists. They are considered as non-magical equipment although each one registers a faint magical aura.

  • Prime Material Writ of Passage: 100 gp (issued by celestial bureacracy)
  • Single Inner Planar Port Key: 25-50 gp.
  • Inner Planes Standard Ports (just the majors- air, earth, fire, water, positive, negative) 100 gp
  • Paralelemental Keys (full set to the largest trade centers): 120 gp
  • Sigil Key: 50 gp
  • Single Outlands Key: 100 gp (links to a specific Gate-town)
  • Outlands Set: 1000 gp (includes keys to Glorium, Bedlam, Plague-Mort, Curst, Hopeless, Torch, Ribcage, Rigus, Automata, Fortitude, Excelsior, Tradegate, Ecstasy, Faunel, Sylvania, and usually has a bonus Sigil Portkey)
  • Outer Planes: 150-250 gp for a single key (links to a specific planar realm- NOTE- there is no full set of Outer Planes keys, and these keys are usually collected, prized and guarded heavily by planar captains)
  • Ethereal Phase Array: 200 gp
  • Astral Tether-Matrix: 500 gp

Navigation (Standard Rule)
Navigation requires the character to be a qualified Navigator (see above) and a standard DC 15 History (or intelligence) check. A successful roll will identify 1d4 points of interest, with each point located within 1d4 days of travel. Some of these are likely to be gateways (leading either off-plane or to another location on the same plane), and some of them will be settled or unsettled areas to explore or note. No matter how many navigation checks players make, only 6 areas per adventure can be located.

  • You can determine a destination and go there.
  • A successful check lets you find a gateway within 1d4 days travel.
  • If you choose to avoid gateways the planar border can be reached in 1d4 days.
  • Fuel Costs are 1 unit per plane, regardless of how many days travel.
  • Wandering monster checks take place once per day, unless the Dm determines otherwise (or there are set encounters on the route)

Unskilled Navigation (Standard Rule)
The tools and charts to guide the ship are not completely incomprehensible, but without a skilled navigator the following penalties apply.

  • You can determine a destination and go there.
  • It takes twice as long as it would with a skilled navigator, and you may only take a linear (non-gated) route. ie, if you plan to travel from the Plane of Vacuum to the plane of Fire, you must travel first to Air, then to Smoke, and then to Fire- each journey is 2d4 days- the full journey is 6d4 days. A skilled navigator could instead travel to a gateway (1d4 days travel) and port directly to a location within the sea of eternal flame.
  • Fuel costs are double. (2 units to travel across a plane, instead of 1).
  • Each day there are a minimum of 2 wandering monster/encounter checks. Pirates and hostile creatures haunt the standard lanes of travel.