You may choose to know any or all of the following rumors according to your passive Streetwise score (that is 10+Streetwise skill). You may also choose to not know any given rumor. You can also pursue in game streetwise checks to learn things. These are just a collection of rumors. This page may change over time. Feel free to keep an eye on it..

Passive Streetwise of 9 or higher

  • Orcus is Dead!

Passive Streetwise of 11 or higher

  • Orcus kidnapped the Raven Queen and now she is injured.

Passive Streetwise of 12 or higher

  • The followers of Orcus are in hiding.
  • The Lady of Shadow is building a new establishment in the Ladies Ward of Sigil
  • The Mercykillers and the Harmonium are both allied with the lady of Shadows
  • every freebooting adventurer in the metaverse is looking for the Wand of Orcus
  • Orcus had an elaborate Contingency ritual set off in the event of his death. Multiple layers.
  • Warthog Tool and Die is a rogue Modron organization involved in the interplanar weapons and mercenary trade

Passive Streetwise of 14 or higher

  • The clergy of the Raven Queen are in an extremely defensive state, and will likely be hostile to strangers
  • Dangerous and powerful Planar Nations (such as the psurlons, githyanki, and neogi.. but even the formians and grell) have been spotted far from their usual haunts. Everyone is looking for something.
  • Increased demon activity everywhere
  • Devils and angels have been making tentative negotiations in Sigil.. very rare sit-downs and highly secure meetings.

Passive Streetwise of 15 or higher

  • The Celestial Bureacracy has dispatched multiple investigators and a Shedu to the Outlands.
  • An Ifrit Trading Consortium that mostly deals in slaves- based in the City of Brass- is very interested in the Wand of Orcus.
  • The followers of Demogorgon are also looking to root out the Cult of Orcus

Passive Streetwise of 16 or higher

  • The Mark of Orcus has appeared on people who are doomed to die

Passive Streetwise of 18 or higher

  • The gods themselves are scrambling their forces to locate the Wand of Orcus- either to increase their power or to keep it out of the wrong hands
  • The Dustmen are allied with the Cult of Orcus.. or at least a faction of them was.
  • An agent of Dispater is hiring mercenaries and investigators
  • Graffitti spotted across the planes: An Abyssal Riddle: "What use is a dead god? None. What use is an Empty Vessel?"

Passive Streetwise of 21 or higher

  • Orcus might not be dead for long…

Please don't metagame! But the pursuit of knowledge is to be encouraged!