Mejor Que'nada

Mejor Que'nada is an antique Voidship that had been pressed into service for several centuries as a Pilgrims ferry bringing groups back and forth between an outpost at the Ethereal Gate to the Shrine of the Void- about 4 days journey each way. It has no central mast, but instead sports a pair of bat-winged side-masts and a dragon-head prow. It is currently in adequate repair, and has been registered to trade in Major ports of call throughout the Inner Planes and Sigil.


Speed: Slowish (retrofitted Gloomrock Reactor Engine designed in Mechanus, recently repaired)
Maneuverability: "Surprisingly good"
Weaponry: None
Armor: none. (recent repairs)
Hull: 40' across (8 squares)
Beam: 125' from stem to stern.
Special: Dragonhead Prow contains a specially hardened Elemental Aegis that will allow the ship to traverse the elemental and para-elemental planes, including the elemental plane of earth, while keeping it's passengers and crew safe from environmental effects. Mostly.
Special: Dragonhead Prow now hosts a slightly used ethereal phase array that will allow the ship's pilot to navigate on the confusing and morphable environment of the Ethreal Plane, and potentially (DMs discretion) provides a bonus to navigation checks (or at least negates a penalty) in chaotic environments such as a Limbo, Pandemonium, and certain layers of the Abyss.
Cargo: 100 Units capacity. Please see Trading Rules. Includes Hardened Fuel Storage.
Gloomrock Storage: Up to 10 units (counts against cargo)

Other Systems:
Ships Bell: Tinny, like a bicycle bell.
Ships Lighting: minor lanterns along the rails, 30' beam lanterns at the eyes of the dragon-prow, and a 30' lamp at the captains helm.
Cargo Belly Winch: Able to lift (via crank) up to 500 lbs at a lift.
Underside Cargo Hatch:
Ships Anchor:

Fuel Consumption: Crossing a planar boundary: Standard: 1 unit gloomrock. Untrained Navigator: double. See the Planejamming Skills Page.

Notes: Despite recent repairs, there is still a vulnerable spot. A good hit on the Port Rear quarter will likely put the Mejor Que'nada life support Aegis into crisis mode—ie, it could lose it's air supply.