Trade Goods Master Table
Trade Good Type Known to be sold in…
Elemental Sand Cosmetics Exotic Goods Q-P of Mineral, E-P of Earth, P-P of Dust
Fine Perfumes Exotic Goods Prime, E-P of Air
General Supplies Goods* Everywhere
Gloomrock Ore Mineral P-P of Vacuum, Q-P of Mineral, E-P of Earth, Negative Energy Plane,P-P of Magma, Prime Material
Quartz Crystal Mineral E-P of Air, E-P of Earth, P-P of Mineral, P-P of Radiance, Prime Material
Trinkets** Goods* Everywhere
Void Crystals Mineral P-P of Vacuum, Negative Energy Plane

* Items in the 'Goods' category are half price, generally 100gp buys 2 units, rather than 1.
** Trinkets are not usually sold, but given away to primitive non-planar societies. Each unit of trinkets distributed in this manner provides a bonus to social interactions of 1d6+3 for a period of 1d8 weeks, and is traditionally used to influence trade negotiations.
Note: This represents known locations. This chart will grow as new sources are discovered.

P-P: Paraelemental Plane
Q-P: Quasielemental Plane
E-P: Elemental Plane